Gas Meter Proving

EEI can test your meters either in-house, or on location.  We also manufacture and sell the Sonicnine Lift Sonic Nozzle Prover.  Click below for more details, or contact us for more information.

Gas Meter Accuracy Testing

In-House Proving

EEI can test your meters to your specifications and provide test reports, certificates of accuracy, as well as customer complaint letters.  We can test your diaphragm, rotary, Sensus Ultrasonics, and turbine meters  up to 10,000 CFH. Contact us for more information …
EEI Tech Bell Strapping

Bell Strapping and Bottling

An accurate bell gives you the highest degree of assurance that you are making as much money from your meters as you can. Our techs at EEI can strap and bottle your bells with a level of knowledge unsurpassed in the …
Commercial Transfer Proving

Commercial Transfer Proving

Energy Economics Inc. offers many field services on a contract basis. This can be useful when your measurement department encounters unforseen workloads. Think of EEI as an extension of your measurement department.  We can test your meters in your shop …
Sonicnine Lift Prover

Sonicnine Sonic Nozzle Prover

Introducing the new Sonicnine™ Lift!  All of the benefits of Sonicnine™, with an adjustable-height table. Background Since its inception in 1993, sonic nozzle proving has become the de facto standard for meter measurement and calibration. The use of sonic nozzle technology …