HP-3000 High Pressure Natural Gas Meter

As the demand for precision gas consumption grows, many companies are choosing to use meters that resolve the issue of “Low Flow” Gas Loss (LFGL). Energy Economics now offers a comprehensive solution for this need: the HP-3000. A high pressure positive displacement gas meter.

The HP-3000 came into existence through extensive research with people in the oil and gas industry. With high natural gas prices and the need for more accurate metering it became evident there was a need for a high pressure positive displacement meter.The HP-3000 meter body is constructed of a special steel alloy and built to high pressure specification and rated at 1500 psig. All flanges are 2″ ANSI 600, 8 bolt raised flanges.


Instrumentation for the HP-3000 is made easy by a universal mounting bracket. The HP-3000 is non-temperature compensated, however most brands of temperature and pressure correction devices can be mounted directly on top of the output drive. All meters come with a 10 foot index drive.

Also standard on the meter are low temperature synthetic diaphragms. Lower drain holes on the main lower casing are used to drain off liquids and condensate that may collect. Access to the drain plugs on the diaphragm pans is achieved through the case drains.At 7″ water column pressure, the HP-3000 positive displacement meter is capable of metering 3000 SCFH. Capacities of over 93,000 SCFH are attainable when pressure factors are applied to the constants. (Capacity based on 14.4 psi atmospheric pressure, 14.73 psi base pressure and .60 specific gravity.)

Energy Economics handles all parts necessary to repair the HP-3000. Repair and testing services are available in both the field service area and in our Dodge Center, Minnesota factory.

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