Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

EEI is a supplier of all types of mixed metal oxide (MMO) anodes.

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Tubular Anodes

EEI has tubular MMO anodes for use in deep, shallow and horizontal anode beds.    Contact us at (800) 733-2557 for more information.

Rod Anodes

Rod anodes are high quality mixed metal oxide anodes manufactured with special factory connections. They are extremely rugged and powerful making them an ideal choice for a variety of cathodic protection applications. This anode will support the evolution of both …

Canister Anodes

CerAnode high quality MMO impressed current anode with a <100 micro ohm connection resistance PREPACKAGE in calcined petroleum carbon backfill, ready to be put in place. Canister anodes can be used for various applications such as underground and above ground …

Tank Bottom Anodes

The CerAnode MMO PiggyBack TM Tank Bottom (PBT) Anode System is the best choice for Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Bottom Soil Side CP. It provides optimized cathodic protection for New Tanks, Existing Tank Bottom Replacement or Double Bottom Applications where space is …