EEI offers a wide range of CP materials, including test stations, all types of CP cable, rectifiers, remote monitoring, isolation products, splicing components, coatings, test instruments, backfills, and thermite welding products.

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3 lb, 5 lb, 9 lb, 17 lb, 32 lb magnesium anodes


EEI offers a full range of sacrificial and impressed current anodes.  They are custom-manufactured per customer specification for lead types and lead lengths.  Magnesium, zinc, graphite, duriron, and mixed-metal oxide anodes are available for all applications. For more information, call (800) …
Cathodic Protection test stations

Cathodic Protection Test Station

Energy Economics, Inc. provides many different types of test stations, both above-ground, and flush-mounted. Contact EEI at (800) 733-2557 or by clicking here for more information.
Universal Rectifier Air Cooled Standard

Universal Rectifiers

EEI is a distributor for all Universal Rectifiers products.  Contact us for more information on any of the products below. Air Cooled Standard Line The “Standard Line” air cooled, cathodic protection rectifiers are recognized as industry leading in quality, workmanship …
Anode Cables and Wire

Cables and Wire

EEI can supply all your cable and wire needs for any cathodic protection project. Custom colors available upon request. HMWPE – #14 – 1/0 AWG – #14 – #2 THHN – #14 – #2 HALAR – #8 – #2 For more information, call (800) 733-2557,  or click …
Denso Petrolatum Tape

Tapes and Coatings

EEI supplies the full line of Denso products to include tapes and coatings. See all of the Denso products available at the following link: EEI supplies the full line of Tapecoat (Chase Corp.) products to tapes, coatings, and Royston Handy Caps and other …
Tinker Rasor Holiday Detector

Instruments and Accessories

Energy Economics, Inc. is a distributor of all cathodic protection related instruments.  This includes voltmeters, locators, gas detectors, holiday detectors, etc. Contact EEI at (800) 733-2557 for more information, or click here for more contact options.
Carbo Coke and Loresco Anode Backfill

Coke Breeze

EEI is a distributor if all types of low-resistance cathodic protection backfills. Contact us to purchase coke breeze.  Call (800) 733-2557 today!
Borin Reference Electrode

Permanent Reference Electrodes

EEI distributes all major brands of underground permanent reference electrodes. For more information, call (800) 733-2557,or click here for more contact options.
Tinker & Rasor Half Cells

Half Cells

Energy Economics, Inc. is a distributor for all Tinker & Rasor products, including all sizes of copper-copper sulfate reference electrodes. We are also a manufacturers rep for MC Miller. For more information, or to purchase half-cells, call (800) 733-2557, or click …
Handy Cap

Handy Caps

Energy Economics, Inc. supplies both Continental Industries Thermo Caps, and Royston Industries Handy Caps. Contact us today for more information.  Call (800) 733-2557.
Universal Rectifier

Universal Junction Boxes

EEI is a distributor of all types of Universal Rectifiers junction boxes.  Contact a sales associate at (800) 733-2557 for more information, or click here for additional contact options. Enclosures Available Fiberglass (standard) Galvanized 16ga (standard) Galvanized Hot-dip 11ga Aluminum …
Cadweld mold & Flint gun

Thermite Welding

The thermite welding process is a quick and permanent way to attach lead wires to structures in a cathodic protection system. Contact EEI today for more information.  Call (800) 733-2557.

For more information,  call us directly at (800) 733-2557.

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